Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks 2020: When it comes to purchasing the right sink for your kitchen, well, that’s easier said than done for the simple reason that there are way too many choices. The first thing that you would have to consider is what type of installation you need, whether an under mount kitchen sink or a top mount one? Once you have worked that out, you can then decide to choose from the various design types, and models and select the right fit for your kitchen.

Our Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks 2019

The under mount kitchen sink is one of the top favorite picks when it comes to selecting a particular type for your kitchen. You can choose from the various materials that are available, from stainless steel, cast iron sinks to composite granite ones to choose from. But essentially, you would be going for a under mount installation where the sink would be positioned just under the countertop, so that the edges of the countertop flows directly into the sink.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks Reviews 2020

Check out some of the best under mount kitchen sinks and do review the description against each, so as to make an informed decision as to which undermount sink to select for your kitchen.

#1. Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink, 30 Inch, Stainless Steel

When it comes to under mount sinks this particular product stands out on account of the fact that it comes with a great design. It is a stainless steel under mount sink and as such, it happens to be constructed from dent resistant T304 stainless steel. It is designed to be durable and sturdy as well and comes with a sloped bottom which should enable any water to drain away easily. The sink comes with a great satin grade finish and is resistant to both corrosion and rust, but what makes it special is that it also comes with unique sound proofing technology in the form of sound guard coating which should help deaden any sound that’s generated as you use the sink. It comes with the following dimensions – 30” L x 18” W x 10” D and is spacious enough so you should be able to use the same to clean your large pots with ease. Check out some of the pros and cons of this sink,


  • It is a stainless steel under mount sink with satin finish
  • It comes with unique sound proofing technology
  • It is large enough to accommodate large vessels
  • It is dent resistant and resistant to both corrosion and rust as well
  • It comes with a reasonable price tag


  • You need to regularly clean and maintain this sink if you want to prevent watermarks

This is a great sink all things considered and comes with a great functional design. It comes with the requisite features and should last for a while which is why it is a great buy.

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#2. Frigidaire Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

If you are on the lookout for professional under mount sinks, then you would definitely have to take a closer look at this one. It is constructed from premium grade stainless steel and comes with the following dimensions, 32 inches in length along with 18.5 inches in width as well as 10 inches in depth. It is certainly spacious enough for you to use it to clean your skillet, your baking tray as well as any other wide or large vessels that you would want to clean as well. What makes this sink stand out is that it has been built using patented technology and even comes with a life time warranty. Now, that’s not an offer every manufacturer can match. The sink comes with an attractive design as well as a 10mm radius corner so you should be able to clean it easily. This sink will definitely add a touch of class to your kitchen. Check out some of the pros and cons of this sink,


  • This stainless steel sink is constructed from patented technology
  • It is germ resistant and comes with V therm shield technology
  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • It certainly looks elegant and extremely impressive
  • And it comes with a reasonable price tag


  • The bottom is not sloped and somewhat flat, this can cause water to stagnate at the bottom

Overall, this is a great sink and a worthwhile purchase. It certainly comes with all the required functionality and a great look as well.

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#3. ZUHNE Modena 30 x 18 Inch Single Bowl Under Mount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

One of the interesting facts about this sink is that it comes with a beautiful finish and a classic design that should make it a welcome addition to any kitchen. As it is, it features 25% more stainless steel than most of the other stainless steel sinks and comes with an awesome satin finish. The 30-inch Zuhne stainless steel sink is thick and dent resistant, and is spacious and deep enough for you to clean some of your largest vessels in the same with ease. It comes with 16 gauge thickness as well as the following dimensions, 30 W x 18 D x 10 H Inch. It comes with precision engineered curves that have been designed to make it easy for you to clean it up. It is both rust and corrosion resistant and also features a 3.5 inch drainer which should prevent any water from stagnating in the sink, thereby removing the risk of water spots from forming. Check out the pros and cons of this sink,


  • It comes with premium satin finish, which lends the sink a glossy look and makes it stand out for the right reasons.
  • It is thermal as well as noise proofed and comes with the requisite technology for the same
  • It comes with various accessories
  • And it is quite affordable


  • You need to clean and maintain the sink regularly
  • You need to remove and replace the drain every now and then..

This sink certainly comes packed with all the functionality that you would need. But what makes this sink stand out is the fact that it is quite affordable despite coming with more than a few premium features. It is a worthwhile purchase.

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#4. Ruvati 34-inch Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This best undermount kitchen sink  is a 16 gauge 304 grade stainless under mount sink and is rust and corrosion resistant sink and it is thick enough, so you need not worry about dents either. It certainly stands out for the right reasons and comes with all the aesthetic appeal that you may want in a stainless steel sink. It comes with the following measurements – 34 inch x 20 1/2 inch and comes with a depth of 10 inches. But what makes the sink stand out is that it is a double bowl sink and it is certainly big enough for you to clean some of your largest vessels. Check out some of the pros and cons of this sink,


  • It is a large and spacious under mount stainless steel sink
  • It is engineered for easy draining
  • It is also built to withstand high temperatures and apart from that, it is also rust and corrosion resistant
  • It is thick enough to prevent dents


  • It comes with a new odor when it is brand new but the smell disappears after a while
  • It is slightly pricey compared to some of the other models

Overall, this is a good sink and packs in a lot of functionality. It also comes with an interesting and classic design and should make your whole kitchen stand out.

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Why you should go for an under mount sink

There are several reasons why you should go for an under mount kitchen sink, some of which are listed below.

  • Trendy style: All under mount sinks come with a trendy style, which manages to incorporate some of the best features when it comes to kitchen sinks. For example, you do not have to worry about where to place your kitchen faucet when it comes to under mount sinks but that’s part of its functional design. The overall design is impressive and the fact that under mount sinks are easy to clean, makes them a top choice.
  • Easy to clean: One of the advantages that these under mount sinks have over others is that they do not come with a flange that extends over the counter. One of the oft uttered criticisms of other kitchen sink types is that there is often a gap between the edge of the sink and the countertop and this often creates a problem, when cleaning up. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about the same, over here.
  • Maximize your space: Since the under mount sink does not come with a huge rim/edge that extends over the counter top, you may want to go for one. An under mount sink does not come with rims and you should be able to maximize your countertop and take advantage of the extra space.

Best under mount sink 2020 buying guide

Scouting for an best under mount kitchen sink? Then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when doing so, do check out the various tips posted below.

  • Price matters: Yes, there are quite a few under mount models that are dirt cheap. But you would do good to stay away from these, for these sinks do not come with any warranty and the overall material quality is dubious to say the least. You need an under mount sink that is durable and can last you for a long while. Since the sink would be one of the main pivotal point of your whole kitchen, you should go for a model that comes highly recommended and with a realistic price attached to the same.
  • Single basin or double basin: It is a good idea to go for under mount sinks that are single basin only and come without any divider in the middle. Granted, that a divider provides you with some extra functionality but you would have to deal with less space in your sink, as a result. It makes more sense to go in for a single basin sink as it can provide you with all the space you need.
  • Size: Most under mount sinks are slightly bigger and deeper than their top mount counterparts. And as you bend over to wash your dishes, you get a free workout in the process.
  • Lip: The great part about an under mount sink is that it does not come with any lip and your counter should flow easily into the sink. As a result, you should be able to clean up the sink effectively and not worry about getting any food particulates and other organic matter caught between the lip and the counter top
  • Faucets: You can choose from various faucets but make sure that you opt for the model that goes well with the rest of the sink as well as the kitchen. One of the advantages to an under mount sink is that you can place the faucet anywhere.

These are some of the points that you need to keep in mind when purchasing an under mount kitchen sink. And while they are easy to install, the fact remains that you may need to call in a plumber to install the sink if it is too heavy which is the case with under mount cast iron kitchen sinks.


These are some of the best undermount kitchen sinks 2020 and each one differs from the other either on account of its design or its functionality. You need to check out the various descriptions posted here and choose the best kitchen sink that you think that would be a good fit.

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