Best Copper Kitchen Sink Reviews 2020

During the last few years, copper kitchen sinks have come into their own with more consumers purchasing the same. While most users still prefer stainless sinks to composite granite ones, the number of those opting for stainless steel sinks seems to be increasing exponentially. One of the reasons that some consumers have started opting for copper sinks is on account of aesthetics and that a shiny copper sink can really help make a kitchen come alive. Copper sinks are often constructed from sheets of copper metal that’s hammered / molded into the shape of a sink. As a result, these sinks often come with both “hammered” and smooth finishes and you can opt for the one that appeals better to you. But before you head out to purchase a copper sink, you may want to review the rest of the article including our reviews on some of the top copper kitchen sinks in the market.

Best Copper Kitchen Sinks Reviews 2020

Do check out some of the top copper kitchen sinks that we had reviewed, check them out below

#1. Soluna 33 Copper Farmhouse Sink with Rounded Front and Two-Tone Scroll Finish

This sink certainly makes the right impression right from the start; it comes with a beautiful finish. The scroll work is breathtaking and it is anti bacterial which should help protect you and your family from unseen germs. Apart from the way it looks, it also happens to be a 14 gauge copper sink which sets it apart in a class of its own. What sets this sink apart is the fact that it is thick enough to withstand all the heavy weight of various pots and pans. You may want to keep in mind that copper sinks develop patina after a while and the same holds true here as well. Do check out the various pros and cons of this sink,


  • Nice look
  • Antibacterial, scroll work
  • Farm house sink with a nice finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Can stain if not careful

It is a nice sink, from start to finish and comes with rates that are quite affordable. It is certainly functional and one that should help your kitchen stands out for the right reasons.

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#2. Sinkology SK304-33B Ernst Farmhouse Apron Handmade

When it comes to copper sink you cannot overlook this one, it comes with a bow front design, that’s elegant and classic. It is made of pure copper and comes with the required finish as well, and more importantly, it comes with rounded corners. It is a unique copper sink, one that’s finished by hand and one that certainly stands out for the right reason. It is antibacterial and one that should help safeguard you against other pathogens. But what should stand out is the fact that it is handmade and quite easy to maintain and clean. The farmhouse copper sink comes with an easy top mount installation and the overall design and functionality of the sink itself, with the curved bow front is impressive enough. The sink is seamless, it is hand crafted and so are all its main accessories.  Do check out some of the pros and cons associated with this sink,


  • Beautiful, innovative design with curved bow front
  • It is anti-microbial and should help protect you from various germs and pathogens
  • It comes with top mount installation
  • It comes with rounded corners which makes it easy to maintain and clean


  • It can be easily dented and you will need to take good care to prevent the same from happening

This sink is certainly a real pleasure to look at; for starters, it may look like that the overall design is simplistic enough but on the plus side, it is as elegant as ever, with its warm tones and extra functionality. This sink is certainly worth purchasing and comes with a reasonable price tag.

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#3. Zuhne Antica 33 Farmhouse Apron Front Copper Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

The Zuhne Antica is a farmhouse 33” front apron, single bowl copper sink; but what set the sink apart from countless other copper sinks are its functionality as well as the fact that it comes in antique black, which certainly catches your eye immediately. The sink is made from the highest grade of copper, 16 gauge, 99.69% purity and a functional design that’s modern and yet, timeless at the same time. This sink is made from hammered copper and comes with a unique finish and even sports a mild patina, or living finish. The sink bowl is deep and it should enable you to clean your vessels with ease. But more to the point, it is anti-microbial which should go to some extent of protecting you from various pathogens as well. This sink also comes with sound-deafening pads which will absorb all the noise that the sink would generate, a feature that really makes the sink stand out on account of its extra functionality. Please note that as a copper sink, its patina will develop over time and you will get a more enhanced patina, which lends your modern sink a unique, antique finish. Check out some of the pros and cons


  • It is durable and strong
  • It comes with living patina which should provide the sink with an antique finish
  • It is highly functional
  • It comes with the requisite sound dampening pads and coating


  • Its price may seem a little steep compared to a few other sinks
  • It can get dented

This sink is indeed a marvel to look at, from the simplistic design lines to its extra functionality. It is definitely worth the purchase.

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#4. MR Direct 913 Single Bowl Copper Apron Sink Review

This is a single bowl copper apron sink that comes with a timeless classic design; it is made from 99% pure and freshly mined copper and comes with a hammered finish that sets it apart. This sink is multi-functional and all its accessories are in copper as well and come with the same finish. It is both durable and strong but what’s interesting is that this particular sink comes with a lifetime warranty as well. One interesting feature of this sink is that it uses exterior spray to remove all condensation on the sink so that exterior marks do not form but overall it is easy to clean and maintain its ‘fresh’ patina. Check out some of the pros and cons of this copper kitchen sink,


  • It comes with a hammered finish and is made from 99% pure copper
  • It also features noise proofing technology by incorporating sound deadening pads into its design
  • It is elegant and a pleasure to look at
  • It also comes with life time warranty as well


  • Copper is known to react against acidic substances and hot substances may cause stains to appear.
  • It can get easily dented
  • It is a little pricey

Overall, this sink would make a worthy addition to any house. That’s why it is worth every $ on the price tag and what’s more, it comes with lifetime warranty as well.

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Best Copper Kitchen Sinks 2020 : Buying Guide

There are a few points that you may want to consider, when purchasing a copper sink. Do check out below,

  • Purity: This is the first thing that you need to look for; you should be able to source the relevant information from product details and if it is not listed, then you have to direct those queries towards the manufacturer. Copper can some in various grades of purity but when it comes to copper sinks, the one you need to aim for should be around 100% or at least 99%.
  • Gauge: As with stainless steel sinks, you need to choose one that features the required gauge. Most copper kitchen sinks are constructed from copper sheets whose gauge ranges from 14-18. The lower the gauge, the thicker it is and when it comes to a copper sink, it is important that you opt for the one that comes with an optimal gauge that ranges from 14-16. Another reason, that you should opt for a lower gauge is that they are often a lot quieter than some of the other sinks out there.
  • Patina: All copper sinks develop a patina over age and time; that is but natural. You could use various chemicals to remove the patina but this is not permanent as the patina will always come back. Most users prefer to let their sinks develop a patina over the course of time, as it develops a natural and warm brown shade. However if you do not care much for the patina, you would need to take additional measures to remove it regularly.
  • Coating: Some manufacturers provide copper kitchen sinks with a certain lacquer or coating. Usually, this is done as a measure to prevent any patina but any such coating will wear away after a while and your sink may look odd.
  • Hammered copper: You may want to go for hammered copper as it provides you with a better look and what’s more, it certainly looks good.

Lead and copper:

It is a well known fact that lead which was mainly used in copper manufacturing process is considered to be dangerous on account of its toxicity to children. And that’s why it is not used in the manufacture of these sinks. That being said, it is not like you are going to eat out of the sink, so even if the copper sink does contain a certain amount of lead, it should not be a problem. Do note that copper sinks made in USA generally do not contain any lead.

Antimicrobial properties:

The other reason that you may want to opt for copper sink is that it tends to come with high anti-microbial properties. In other words, a copper sink can effectively kill various forms of bacterial organisms such as E. coli, Staphylococcus, and MRSA. It can help protect you and your family from these organisms and that is why you may want to take a closer look at the same.

Copper sink maintenance:

It may surprise you to know that copper sinks do not require much maintenance as others; in fact, all that is required is that you clean and wipe your sink dry each time. And that after each usage, you ensure that the sink is completely dry and that there is no standing water. That’s it; it is quite low maintenance.


Copper sinks in general cost between $300 and $700 but it depends more on the quality of the sink as well as various other metrics. Do note that some of the high quality sinks can cost around $1500 and more.


Copper sinks come with top mount installation as well as under mount installation; it depends more on the type of sink you have selected from the lot.


These are some of the top ranking copper kitchen sinks and each one stands apart on account of its multi-functionality, the aesthetics and the fact that these sinks are a pleasure to look at. These sinks have been designed to be both durable and strong, and some even come with a lifetime warranty was well. On the whole, if you need a highly functional sink, one that looks great and can help make your kitchen stand apart – then these are the copper kitchen sinks that you need to check out.

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